Egon Castlunger

Dipl. Heilpraktiker - Cert. Zen Shiatsu - RYT Yoga teacher - ASAM hiking guide


Egon’s Yoga journey began with the study and practice of Hatha Yoga in the mid ’90s. Through the studies in Naturopathy, and the experience as a Zen Shiatsu therapist,  he was drawn to dive deeper into the modern anatomy, and trained for various years in Yin Yoga. 

His main intention is to transmit a Yoga understanding and practice that aims to reach and sustain optimal health on all levels: body, mind and spirit. His teaching style is deep and gentle, interweaving the knowledge of the ancient Indian philosophies with the Chinese teachings based on the meridian energy system.

Egon’s classes blend both a Yang, alignment based soft flow with Yin long held poses to enhance the meridian and organ systems.

Pranayama,  the cultivation of breath, and the principles of Meditation are two fundamental aspects in Egon’s classes and retreats.

YIN Yoga




Zen Shiatsu
Sound healing

Egon has been working as Zen Shiatsu therapist since 2004.
Zen Shiatsu is a bodywork method based on traditional Chinese medicine, which provide clients with a revitalizing feeling and experience.  Egon uses touch, comfortable pressure and manipulative techniques to adjust the body’s physical structure and balance its energy flow.”

Vibrational Therapy/Sound healing:  Egon integrates  sound and vibration in his bodywork sessions, using instruments such as tuning forks, tibetan bowls and other instruments with the aim of modulating and realigning the frequencies of our bodies.

Singing circles: Singing together in circle can be the key moment for healing through the vibrational field of music and mantras through the use of our own voice.

Outside: Nature

During the years spent in Switzerland Egon trained as “Hiking Guide” back in 2012,
for then developing the outdoor-events which blend the Yoga experiences with a deep immersion into nature. Outside nature which can as well lead to unknown regions of your inner nature and our potential as a human being.

Egon has been organising various formulas: retreats, yoga holidays, weekends, in different parts of the planet, especially the Himalayas, the Swiss alps and Dolomites.

The events are combined with hikes, yoga, inner work,meditations, music.

Winter 2023:

March 16-19
Snowshoeing and Yoga Weekend
Val Mustair - Switzerland

Until 25th March 2023 privateYoga lessons and Zen Shiatsu treatments
Hotel Rosa Alpina - San Cassiano - Alta Badia - Italy

28-30 April 2023

Intensive Yoga & Sound Healing Retreat
at Villa Capriolo - Albinea

(more infos coming soon)

Upcoming  Events


Mountain hikes

Egon grew up in the Dolomite Alps (northern Italy). Early on, he set out to explore the World, which awoke  his attention to the different cultures, philosophies and healing sciences.  Studied Naturopathy and Zen Shiatsu in Germany and Switzerland. Practiced and studied Yoga ever since with various teachers, specialising in Yin, Hatha, Bhakti Yoga  Continuing his studies nowadays in Music, Nada Yoga, and sound healing. Based in Italy.




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